Offer of light alloy wheels

The production of light alloy wheels.

We consider a quality product something which is recognized not only in its country of origin, but also beyond its borders. SKAD is certified in accordance with ISO international quality standards.

Our wheels passed independent certification tests of TUV SUD Automotive GmbH. SKAD wheels are licensed to be sold and utilized in the European countries and the United States. Our wheels show outstanding performance in severe Russian conditions. We begin testing even before casting the first wheel – our experts create a 3D model of the wheel and expose it to artificial tests. The trial batch passes similar tests, but in real life conditions. Only after that, mass production begins. It allows us to guarantee the safety of our products, in any, even the most extreme conditions. For this reason each wheel has an individual certificate of quality.

We use unique alloys for casting. An ideal balance of durability and weight favorably distinguishes SKAD from other manufacturers. We constantly control the structure of an alloy with accuracy of up to 0,01%. Our factory is equipped with high-precision machining complexes. We only use the best components and painting systems. The whole process is automated, which excludes the possibility of even the slightest discrepancies.

Design of SKAD wheels combines technologically advanced engineering, with timeless designs.

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