Chamber for Economic and Cultural Cooperation between Romania and Russia

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Become our partner

Become our Partner. Become a member of CCECRR.

We invite you to become part of our Team and to be part of an organization that does everything for its members to be successful and succeed in everything. From year to year we become more and more, we develop, we do more and more economic, social and cultural projects, etc., CCECRR members enjoy the support of our Team of Specialists and Professionals, and our translators ensure that the language is not a problem. ... The counseling offered by ethnic Russian Old Believers (Lipovans) guarantees you a good understanding of the Romanian-Russian environment. CCECRR takes on the role of a bridge between Romania and Russia, a platform where Romanian-Russian relations can be improved and the business environment has a good and sustainable economic development.

Thanks to partnerships, CCECRR developed, the services provided by us and our partners have opened up new opportunities in Romanian-Russian cooperation to support manufacturers and exporters to buy or sell without facing eternal problems, and the fear of not receiving goods or payment has disappeared. Employment companies from Romania and Russia came along with CCECRR, and our association entered into partnerships with the Territorial Chambers of Commerce from Romania and Russia and won the support of various government institutions in the Russian Federation. Together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, we managed to help many companies in Romania to enter the Russian market. Thanks to our partnerships, we are represented in almost every city in Romania, we have representatives abroad (in France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Russia), partners in Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, South America, Ecuador, Cuba, etc. Together with our members and partners, we visited more than 15 regions of the Russian Federation, these meetings ended with the identification of contracts beneficial for Romanian companies, worth more than two billion dollars, unfortunately, some of them are still under negotiation.

Our partners are: Council of the Russian Federation for International Relations (together with which we are preparing the project "20 Romanian-Russian Prospects"), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, International Bank for Economic Cooperation, Russian Council for Economic and Commercial Development, Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Iasi, Chamber of Commerce from Prahova, National Union of Employers of Romania, National Union of Industrialists of Romania, Patronage of Building Societies, Association of Lawyers from Moscow and many other organizations with an economic and cultural profile.

CCECRR contributes not only to economic development between Romania and Russia, but also to cultural development. We have organized dozens of cultural events, we support social projects, we organized concerts of the Red Army, round tables, supported the Olympics, helped young people to visit Russia, sponsored documentaries about Romania and much more.

Our activities did not go unnoticed either by the Embassy of the Russian Federation, which, according to His Excellency, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Romania Valery Kuzmin, said, I quote: different areas. We are pleased to note that bilateral trade in 2017 grew by more than 20% and, according to very realistic estimates, it will reach $ 4 billion by the end of the year.

As evidence of the great mutual interest in expanding the areas of business cooperation not covered by the so-called EU sanctions, the results of the economic missions of Romanian entrepreneurs conducted in 2017 in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Smolensk, organized with the participation of the Chamber for Economic and Cultural Cooperation, appear. between Romania and Russia and the corresponding Chambers of Commerce from Russia.

CCECRR is not a political organization, it is self-financed from its activities and from the contributions of its members, it is aimed at developing pragmatic and mutually beneficial economic and cultural ties with the Russian Federation, and its main mission is caring for its members.

Since 2014, we can be with our members and offer them through our employees and partners legal services, support in attracting investors, obtaining bank loans, attracting European funds, etc. Together we supported cultural and social projects that made many smile ... To see everything we've done together, just visit our page We want to continue to support our members even more.

As a member of CCECRR, you will benefit from promotion through our directory as well as through our newsletters that reach our network of partners in Romania, Russia and other countries where CCECRR has partners. To take advantage of all the opportunities and services of our association, I invite you to become a member of CCECRR, if you have not already done so, fill out and send the membership form, which you can find at How to become a member.

In order to best suit your needs, CCECRR has introduced three types of contributions - SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM, all services related to these types of contributions can be found by clicking on any of the names, and the full service package is explained in detail in the departments section.

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