Chamber for Economic and Cultural Cooperation between Romania and Russia

The CCECRR mission

The CCECRR mission

"Can Romania afford the luxury of a policy hostile to its great neighbor, Russia? I'm convinced we can't. "

He thus explains the negotiations made in 1934 with Litvinov for the resumption of diplomatic relations. He said in the same volume: "From 1918 to 1934, we had no relations with the Russians. We were like people living on two different planets."

(Nicolae Titulescu, in his testamentary book, „The foreign policy of Romania, 1937)

 The Romanian-Russian Chamber of Economic and Cultural Cooperation Association was born out of the need to help stabilize and develop Romanian-Russian relations. It is important for Romania to have mutually beneficial economic and cultural relations with any state, especially with such a large neighbor and with such an obvious international influence.

There is a historical relationship between Romania and Russia for hundreds of years. Over time, the interaction of the two peoples took place and not infrequently proved to be close, materializing through economic exchanges, the conclusion of military alliances, cultural and religious exchanges and more. An example of the very special relationship between the two peoples is the ethnic starovers (Lipovans) who have lived in Romania for hundreds of years and have shown that the differences between us are not so great, and the Orthodox religion is the main element that defines us as peoples. However, various factors such as the historical and economic context, the lack of information and the false image sometimes created at the level of the citizens of the two countries, have led to the cooling of relations between them. From this perspective, mutual knowledge can help us to resume and improve these relationships.

A rapprochement with this space can also be seen worldwide, confirming that the East is a viable economic perspective for the future. the promotion of advantageous economic relations with the Russian Federation can prove to be of major importance, given the fact that the Russian market is a huge market where Romanian companies will be able to enjoy appreciation and demand.


Over time, due to various historical contexts as well as the lack of adequate information of public opinion, the closeness and mutual understanding between the two states has suffered. In the absence of dialogue, stereotypes and clichés were born, which deprived both countries of the economic and cultural benefits of good cooperation.

THE ROMANIAN-RUSSIAN CHAMBER OF ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL COOPERATION Association (CCECRR) aims to meet the increasingly obvious needs of creating and sustaining dialogue between the two countries, in all areas of economic, social and cultural life.

Opportunity AND Perspectives

The market of the Russian Federation is one of the most important markets in the world. The needs of this market are very diverse, from clothing, agricultural products, fruit, wine to oil drilling and industrial equipment. "Russia does not only mean Moscow or St. Petersburg. Russia has large regions, such as Romania or even larger, unexplored by Romanian business. As far as Vladivostok is a huge market.


The main objective of the CCECRR is to facilitate economic and cultural dialogue between the two countries. CCECRR aims to establish and maintain good cooperation relations with the competent authorities and bodies in the two countries, in order to support and facilitate meetings between business and cultural people but also between citizens. Informing and supporting Romanian producers and service providers in this market is one of the main objectives of the CCECRR. There are not enough bodies in Romania to help promote bilateral relations, to support Romanian-Russian cultural, social and economic projects.

The Romanian economic and cultural environment needs support internally and externally. CCECRR aims to work especially in this direction, to promote dialogue and communication. To this end, the CCECRR aims to implement any initiatives likely to encourage the development of Romanian-Russian relations. CCECRR wants to help through its specialists in the development of Romanian-Russian cultural and economic relations, facilitating the understanding of the specifics of the economic and cultural environments of the two countries, emphasizing the common points.

CCECRR wants to support bilateral communication and cooperation in many fields, such as medical, or construction - both specialists and engineers in Romania enjoying a very good appreciation in Russia. Also, CCECRR wants to help the mutual tourism promotion of the two countries, including by promoting ecumenical, medical, commercial, technical tourism, etc. Specifically, CCECRR aims to promote Romania's tourism in Russia by creating tourist guides, creating audio and video materials in Russian about Romania, - materials that will then be presented and popularized in Russia through our partners.

Thanks to our partnerships, we have managed to be represented in almost every city in the country, but also to have representatives abroad (in France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Russia), partners in Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan , Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, South America, Ecuador, Cuba, etc. We visited with our members and partners over 15 regions of the Russian federation and contracts were identified for Romanian companies worth over two billion dollars, unfortunately some are still in the negotiation stage.

Our partners include the Council of the Russian Federation for International Relations (together with it we are preparing the project "20 Romanian-Russian perspective"), the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, the International Bank for Economic Cooperation, the Russian Council for Economic and Trade Development , Iași Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Romanian National Union of Employers, Romanian National Union of Industrialists, Construction Companies Employers 'Association, Moscow Lawyers' Association and many other economic and cultural organizations.

CCECRR not only promotes the economic development between Romania and Russia, but also the Cultural side. We have organized dozens of cultural events, we support social projects, we have organized Red Army concerts, round tables, we have held Olympics, we have helped young people to visit Russia, we have sponsored documentaries about Romania and much more.

Our activity did not go unnoticed by the Embassy of the Russian Federation, which through His Excellency, Valery Kuzmin the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Romania said, I quote: ,, Russian diplomacy in 2017 consistently continued the restoration activity of mutually beneficial pragmatic relations with Romania in different fields. We note with satisfaction that bilateral trade turnover in 2017 increased by more than 20% and according to completely realistic estimates, it will reach 4 billion USD at the end of the 12 months.

- As a testimony of a great mutual interest in expanding the areas of business cooperation that are not included in the so-called EU sanctions, there are also the results of the economic missions of Romanian businessmen conducted in 2017, in Moscow, St. Petersburg. Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Smolensk, organized with the participation of the Romanian-Russian Chamber of Economic and Cultural Cooperation and the relevant Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Russia.
CCECRR is not a political organization, it is self-financing from its activities and contributions. its members, aims to develop pragmatically and mutually beneficial economic and cultural relations with the Russian Federation,


CCECRR has the advice of experts and professionals from various fields, such as banking, investment, legal, economic, cultural, academic, educational, etc .. These consultants know the economic and cultural specifics of the two countries and they can provide the necessary information, advice and support. Another important element in the CCECRR strategy is the attraction of the Russian community of Starover (Lipovans) in supporting these bilateral relations. On the territory of the Russian Federation, CCECRR collaborates with partners located in the most important centers Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Pskov, Tver, etc.


The Romanian-Russian Chamber of Economic and Cultural Cooperation Association wants to be a true supporter of the Romanian-Russian relationship, to get involved in promoting economic, cultural and social relations. To this end, the CCECRR management has created specialized departments designed to provide real support in major areas of interest, as follows:

  • Consulting Department on Relations with the Russian Federation and Romania;
  • Department of Culture, Education and Academic Relations;
  • Department of Support and Promotion of the Culture, History and Religion of the Starover Russians (Lipovans);
  • Department of Tourism Promotion;
  • Department of Interpreting, Translation and Teaching Romanian / Russian;
  • Department of Legal Advice;
  • Investment Department & amp; Banking;
  • Risk and Risk Management Consulting Department;
  • Department of Strategy and Advertising Creation;
  • IT and Web Design Department;
  • Business Management Department;
  • Department of Insurance, Reinsurance and Financial Products;
  • Consultancy Department for Accessing European Funding and Financing Solutions;
  • Logistics Department;
  • Customs Consulting Department:
  • Accounting and financial audit department, tax consultancy;
  • Software services and consulting department;

IMPORTANT! All departments were created with the idea of being able to meet the requirements of the business and cultural environment from A to Z. The services offered by the CCECRR Departments are provided by some of the most professional specialists. from each field of activity with many years of experience and one of the best expertise on the market. CCECRR constantly ensures that the proposed partners really represent a reliable partner for both members and our Organization. Thanks to our partnerships, we offer discounts to our members for certain services of our partners, just to be even closer to them. The tariffs for the requested services are set by the CCECRR Partner, the negotiation on the payment for the services provided being carried out directly between the Provider and the Beneficiary, CCECRR not intervening in the commercial relationship between third parties.

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