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Boosting Exports and Opening New Markets

Boosting Exports and Opening New Markets

Countries in the Black Sea region have a great potential of the mutual trade growth due to their proximity, different export specialization and low logistics costs for the shipment of goods. In order not to stay behind the world digitalization, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) from the BSEC countries should introduce new ways of doing business through e-commerce channels.

The aim of the project is to help the BSEC countries enter the world online-market and facilitate the overall increase in trade in the domestic region. For that reason, the project includes the following key tasks:

  • conducting interviews with exporters and importers from SMEs of the BSEC countries on barriers when entering new external markets;

  • developing and promoting training materials;

  • developing an electronic base of suppliers of export accompanying services

  • organizing and holding a seminar as a final event for SMEs from the BSEC countries.

The suppliers e-base will be a public good.

Also, there is no need in creating additional website for suppliers e-base. The first Russian B2B platform for cross-border e-commerce Global Rus Trade will provide its own working platform and adapt the resource to the Black Sea Region.

This project will help make cross-border trade in the region more predictable and regulated, present modern e-commerce channels for promoting goods and services and help understand how to receive required information about companies’ export possibilities.

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