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Exhibition "AI: and? Neural Networks and the Creative Process"


Exhibition "AI: and? Neural Networks and the Creative Process"


On May 24, at the Krasnokholmskaya Gallery of the "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" Association, the opening of the exhibition "AI: and? Neural Networks and the Creative Process" will take place, showcasing works by artists in collaboration with artificial intelligence.

For several years, there has been a rapid development of machine learning technologies, also known as artificial intelligence (AI). Initially perceived as something little understood and mysterious, by 2024 AI has matured and started to be actively integrated into various areas of our lives. While initially, artists used machine learning to create unusual images, today authors present complex projects where AI increasingly acts as a tool, assistant, and for some, a co-author.

Technologies help generate ideas and bring the boldest fantasies of artists to life. But AI not only creates art but also analyzes it, studying thousands of works by past masters so that people can better understand the laws by which creativity develops. In the case of AI, art and technology merge into one, creating something new and beautiful in its own way. Thus, AI-animated art becomes a symbol of our time.

Participants' projects will provide the opportunity to study how artificial intelligence technologies are used in art, as well as in other areas of creative and even entrepreneurial activity.

The exhibition will feature: art and design objects, concepts and texts, DIY devices and technologies, videos (including documentation), installations, computer programs, mixed media, as well as social projects and business startups.

Among the participants in the exhibition are: Vadim Epstein, Gray cake, Gesha Tsyn, SHUM studio, Anna Dmitri, Inv4r3d, Minin Ilya (Eli), Dmitry Soshnikov, Maria Kuptsova, Olga Oleneva.

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